Vicente Alberti's work is significant not for his original plays, which were not particularly important in the pre-Romantic period, but for his adaptations and translations of works by 18th-century European authors such as Goldoni, Metastasio and Molière. Above all, Alberti considered the theatre to be an essential vector of culture and refinement. He made an important contribution to the Europeanisation of society at the time of the Enlightenment in Mahon.

Around the year 2000, Can Alberti passed into the hands of a group of friends who shared different artistic disciplines: photography, design, architecture, and who transformed Can Alberti into a guesthouse, opening its doors to the public. In a way, they were following the legacy of our protagonist Alberti.

Since 2016, under the impetus of its new owners who are very open to the artistic and cultural world, this residence has been entirely restored while meticulously respecting the spirit that makes it so unique.



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