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If you tell us at the time of booking what you would ideally like to do during your stay in Menorca, we will provide you with a personalised programme on arrival with our best addresses and favourite places on the island.

Our Experiences


Treatments and massages

We invite you to discover in the depths of Can Alberti a room located under a marble stone vault for relaxation and authentic wellbeing. Our experienced therapists will make you disconnect and enjoy a unique moment, alone or as a couple. We have chosen the Spanish brand SCENS to offer you the best organic and vegan products on the market. We have an elaborate menu of massages and rituals in a pleasant and peaceful environment. Please contact our reception in advance to book treatments.

Therapeutic Pilates

Pilates works on flexibility, posture and muscle strengthening through a series of stretching and balance exercises. Regular practice improves body and mind strength and reduces muscle fatigue. Contact our reception desk to book a private class with a Pilates expert.


Yoga mats are available for your private use for the duration of your stay. But if you wish, you can also contact our reception to arrange tailor-made yoga sessions with a teacher. Learn yoga asanas, good breathing (pranayama) and relaxation, as well as positive thinking. Our experts offer various types of yoga, always tailored to your specific needs. This will improve your health, strength, flexibility, relaxation and serenity for your private and professional life.

Personalised training

Depending on your needs and preferences, a personal trainer will design specific exercises to improve your physical and mental health. This training can be done on an occasional or regular basis, setting goals for several consecutive days. Please contact our reception in advance to book your training.

Reservations must be made prior to arrival or 48 hours in advance to guarantee availability.

Sport and outdoor activities

Cami de Cavalls

186 km of historic paths whose origin dates back to the early 14th century, when they were used to protect the coast and defend the island from invaders. Nowadays, the Cami de Cavalls is divided into 20 stages of varying difficulty and duration, making it an experience not to be missed by anyone who loves nature.

Menorca by sea

One of the characteristics of Menorca is the diversity of its coastline, sculpted over millennia by the storms. Discovering the configuration of the coastline from the sea gives the sensation of encountering the authentic and wild Menorca in a privileged way.

Menorca on foot

Whether walking, cycling or running, Menorca will not leave you indifferent. The variety of its landscapes, its fauna and flora are reasons to explore the island from one end to the other. But you won't have enough time to discover it all.


Art galleries and artists' studios

Plan an itinerary to visit galleries and artists' studios in fields as varied as painting, sculpture, ceramics, silver jewellery and basketry. Meeting an artist in their studio, watching them at work, turns the visit into a real experience, as you move from being an observer to a participant.


Due to its privileged location in the centre of the western Mediterranean, Menorca has been a particularly coveted island. It has known many occupants (Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Turks, British and French) who have left their own heritage which today is displayed in the many museums of Mahón and the island.

Theatre - Teatro Principal de Mahón

Mahon is home to one of the oldest opera houses in Spain. It was built in 1829 by the Italian architect Giovanni Palagi. It was inspired by the classic Italian horseshoe-shaped theatre model, which gives it exceptional acoustics. Come and visit it, or better still, enjoy one of its shows, especially an opera.


Discovering prehistoric Menorca is a unique experience. Imagine what life was like five thousand years ago in these places that seem magical to us today. Take a tour with people who are passionate about their work and who dedicate their lives to unveiling the mysteries of our prehistory.

Festival and show. Art, music and folklore

In Menorca there is always a "Sarao" in one or several villages at the same time. In addition to the festivals related to the patron saints and their Menorcan horses, there are also film festivals, jazz festivals, flower festivals, art festivals... Consult the cultural programmes on your arrival.


If you are tempted by the cinema, you can find a film you like in Mahon or Ciutadella.


In Menorca, the windy island, you have to take into account the wind direction when choosing a beach.

Unspoilt beaches

Crystal clear waters, dunes and wild vegetation. These unspoilt beaches are only accessible on foot. There are no bars or even small pubs.

Serviced beaches

You love the beach, but you also like to spend time at the "chiringito" or the beach bar. Then you will appreciate the comfort of these more easily accessible beaches.

Family beaches

Shallow waters, with very little current, easily accessible beaches and nearby parking. Not forgetting the facilities for the whole family (bar, toilets).



We can provide you on your arrival with a selection of the best restaurants in Menorca that we know and love... This is a personal list of our favourite restaurants. If you decide to try one of them, we would love to hear from you when you return.

Fra Roger

The "Art de la Cuina" is the oldest recipe book on the island. This reference work on Menorcan gastronomy was written by Francesc Roger, a Franciscan friar who lived and above all cooked during the first half of the 18th century in the Convent of San Francesc de Ciudadela. Fra Roger's work is a very valuable cultural contribution that continues to this day. Fra Roger gives his name to an association that makes this heritage more alive than ever.

IGCAT - Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Art and Tourism

Pride in local production, from the land to the plate, respect for know-how: Menorca's forthcoming designation as a gastronomic region is both an honour and a testimony to its attachment to its agricultural, culinary and cultural tradition.

"Arrels" Fair - Local products and Menorcan cuisine

"Arrels" means roots. This fair is based on quality food products whose exhibitors have been carefully selected taking into account the quality of the product and the elaboration process used.

Shopping - "Made in Menorca"

"Km0" and Markets

Products from Menorca, Land and Sea. Enjoy its cheeses, sobrasadas, pastissets or ensaimadas. The variety of tasty vegetables and fruits. Wine and gin.

Fashion and accessories

The island has benefited from a thriving economy thanks also to the manufacture of jewellery and shoes. Today, this tradition is more alive than ever.

Street markets and flea markets

For those who like to go hunting, you will find street markets but also flea markets in many cities and almost every day during the high season.

Street markets and flea markets

For those who like to go hunting, you will find street markets but also flea markets in many cities and almost every day during the high season.




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